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We seek talented individuals to join our trading, software engineering, quant and technology teams. If you are interested in joining XR, we invite to you create an online candidate profile and apply online.

In an effort to continue to acquire talent and maintain a high caliber of individuals that fit the culture at XR Trading, our recruitment process was created to learn about each candidate's skills, employment history and career goals. Note that our hiring process takes between 6 to 9 weeks depending on the position. Each candidate regardless of years of experience and educational background will be required to go through several assessments and interviews. Below is a list of items that candidates should expect during our recruitment process.

1.) Submit a resume/profile via our OpenHire System, which can be found under our Job Opportunities page. Regardless if a recruiter or you submit, each and every resume/profile will be reviewed individually by an XR Trading recruiter.

2.) Complete a standard employment application.

3.) Phone interview with hiring manager and/or other members of the team.

4.) Complete a general intelligence assessment (conducted on-line off-site), as well as a technical assessment specific to the position (conducted off-site).

5.) A four part on-site interview including a 30-minute review of our benefits, 1.5 hour panel interview with the hiring manager and/or other members of the team, 30-minute break/lunch and a 1.5 hour panel interview with our senior leadership team pending their availability. Note that interviews may vary by roles and offices, including the international offices. Upon invitation to interview on-site, candidates will be asked to provide a few more pieces of information regarding their candidacy.

Please understand that at each point in the process candidates may or may not be invited to move forward to the next step. We hope this information is helpful as a general guideline in understanding the XR recruitment process.


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XR is an equal opportunity employer.
Employment selection and related decisions are made without regard to sex, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, color or any other protected class.

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